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121 Great Research Paper Topics

Nobody prepares a high school student for the tons of essays they’re going to write. But, writing essays is a normal part of student life – high school or college. The first step towards writing an essay is selecting an interesting research topic. This part should be easy, but it can also be a nightmare.

There are many ways you can choose research paper topics if you don’t already have an area of interest. If you are looking for research topic ideas for your essay assignment, you have come to the right place. This article includes how to choose a topic over one hundred research paper topic ideas.

How to Find Great Research Paper Topics

Several factors influence the choice of interesting topics to research. That includes the course, if there’s a topic assigned, if there’s a subject area, and how much freedom you have to choose a topic of interest. Whichever way, below are ways you can get great research paper topic ideas:

  • Seek your professor out and ask; they likely have fabulous ideas
  • Go through research papers and journals, but stick to the most recent
  • Review other publications, professional or government
  • Review your notes, which you take everywhere you go; something might stick out

Factors to Consider When Choosing Interesting Research Paper Topics

Choosing research paper topics shouldn’t be hard, especially if you know the principles for choosing a good research paper topic. Before you choose a topic for your research paper, here are some important factors to consider:

  • Your interest – considering that you will be spending countless hours on the research paper, you want to choose a topic that really interests you. If it is not a topic you are passionate about, you will find this process more tedious – and your paper may suffer the consequence.
  • Your experience – it helps if you have some experience, personal or professional, with the research topic. You will not have to do much work researching, and the whole process of choosing a topic and writing will be easier.
  • Available information – you will want to choose a topic with readily-available information and numerous sources to get them.
  • The audience – you may also want to consider your audience, the people who will read your research paper; they should find it interesting. Your audience’s level of interest is another area you want to consider before choosing a research topic.

Research Topic Ideas for You

We have rounded up 121 research topic ideas in different categories:

Great Research Topic Ideas on Education

  1. Discrimination in Formal Education: Prevalence and Effects
  2. Placement by academic prowess vs. placement by age
  3. The teaching profession vs. teachers’ demands
  4. School policies: causing more harm than good?
  5. Is the No Child Left Behind Act working?
  6. Funding in formal education
  7. The pros and cons of homeschooling
  8. Does toughness with flexibility curb violence in educational institutions?
  9. Government support for parents who pay twice for education
  10. How does religion contribute to the public good?
  11. Special classrooms for students with special needs vs. mainstreaming students with disabilities
  12. Do Teachers’ competency tests help degree requirements?
  13. Corporal punishment: to permit or not permit?
  14. The concept of bilingual or multicultural education
  15. Grade Inflation: good or bad?
  16. Is there another form of assessment that can outlaw exams?
  17. In what ways do exams help a student?
  18. Should US teens adopt the British rule of having a gap year between college and high school?
  19. Grade Inflation: Why do so many Americans get A’s?
  20. Fewer than 10% of students of European schools get A’s

Interesting Research Topics for Health and Medicine

  1. Does the prolonged use of steroids have any effects on the human body?
  2. Medical marijuana: benefits and hazards
  3. Effect of tobacco on the human body
  4. Vaccination: do the benefits outweigh the risks?
  5. Common sleep disorders and treatments
  6. Artificial tanning: risks of prolonged exposure to the sun
  7. Weight training vs. aerobics: benefits, advantages, and disadvantages
  8. Do health websites give too much information?
  9. When do exercises and workouts become too much?
  10. Cardiovascular exercises: health benefits and dangers
  11. The search for a cure for cancer
  12. Prevalence of psychological disorders such as Autism, Tourette, ADD, ADHD
  13. Alzheimer’s
  14. Anorexia: Concept, Symptoms, Cure
  15. Anorexia: causes and society’s view of women
  16. The concept of down’s syndrome
  17. Artificial Insemination: why many women prefer it
  18. Is attention deficit disorder a thing?
  19. Schizophrenia: prevalence and treatment
  20. What raises the chances of having Alzheimer’s disease?

Good Research Topics on Schools and Interpersonal Communication

  1. Adverse effects of technology on interpersonal communication
  2. Social media and other online social networks: their influence on relationships
  3. How have cell phones impacted lives?
  4. The impact of texting on interpersonal relationships
  5. Why people should focus more on interpersonal communication than technology
  6. Body Language: the different ways people communicate
  7. The idea of prayer in schools
  8. School uniforms: advantages and disadvantages
  9. Charter schools
  10. Schooling overseas
  11. Scholarships
  12. Boys-only vs. girls-only schools: where do children learn best
  13. Public schools vs. private schools
  14. Discrimination against public schools
  15. Professors taking advantage of female students
  16. The prevalence of cultism in higher institutions
  17. Tuition fees: too high?
  18. The purpose of schooling
  19. School policies
  20. School syllabus vs. teachers’ competence

More Research topic ideas on the Internet and Abortion

  1. The legality of abortion
  2. What abortion limits are responsible?
  3. Realistic abortion limits
  4. Stem cells
  5. Viability definition vs. science
  6. Protecting abortion doctors vs. the right to protest
  7. Should abortion clinics be abolished?
  8. Victims of violence yet unborn
  9. Rights to abortion
  10. Risks and dangers of abortion
  11. How the internet is evolving
  12. Is the internet making children smarter?
  13. Internet influencing children’s social skills?
  14. Should information on the internet be government-regulated?
  15. Internet search engines: how they work
  16. Internet effect on the music industry
  17. General effects of the internet
  18. Online education
  19. Internet influence on students
  20. Phones in high schools

Research Topics on Pharmacy and Treatments

  1. Prescription drugs
  2. Learning disabilities treatment
  3. Coma recovery
  4. Treatment for Alzheimer’s
  5. Alternative treatments
  6. Assisted suicide vs. life preservation
  7. Children vaccination
  8. Health insurance
  9. Extreme treatment of electroshock
  10. Sociopathy
  11. Organic vs. inorganic foods
  12. In vitro fertilization
  13. Fast food
  14. Fad diets
  15. Birth control pills
  16. Anorexia statistics
  17. Dyslexia statistics
  18. Conventional medicine
  19. Steroids
  20. Traditional herbs

More Topics to Research

  1. Gender discrimination
  2. Marriage
  3. Profiling
  4. Race relations
  5. Freedom of speech
  6. Education discrimination
  7. Research funding
  8. Binge drinking
  9. Animal rights
  10. Animal welfare
  11. Academic standards
  12. School prestige
  13. Paying college athletes
  14. Legalization of steroids
  15. School library in public schools
  16. Global initiative impact
  17. Fundraising influencers
  18. Foreign policies
  19. 4-year vs. 2-year college study
  20. Distance learning
  21. Diploma mills

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