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125 Criminal Justice Research Topics for Inspiration

If you are looking for an award-winning, distinction-worthy criminal justice research topic, you have come to the right place. Included in this article are different research topic ideas on criminal justice that you can use for your next assignment.

Criminal justice assignments are second place to general Law assignments in terms of difficulty. These research subject areas require accuracy and enough evidence to support ideas and arguments.

What Research Paper on Criminal Justice Entails

A criminal justice research paper has to do with writing essays and assignments on crime- and justice-related issues. The issues can range from legislation rules to court studies; criminal justice research aims at establishing peaceful coexistence of the civil population.

Rules for Selecting Good Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

When choosing criminal justice research topics, you have to consider that legislation differs from place to place. This influences your research and can either deter or improve your papers based on how you go about it. Below are rules and principles to guide you in selecting a topic for an A-worthy criminal justice research paper.

  • The topic should be relevant to criminal justice;
  • Note the importance of the criminal justice research topic in personal terms;
  • Establish a significance between the criminal justice research topic in global importance;
  • Don’t deviate from the definite issue at hand; scattered ideas don’t make a clear thesis statement;
  • The criminal justice research topic should be flexible and limited; the hypothesis should be based on famous case studies or legislative acts.

125 Interesting Criminal Justice Research Topics for the Distinction Grade

Below are 125 research topics relevant to  criminal justice; the topics are sorted by study field and categories.

Basic and Controversial Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

  1. Ethics of capital punishment
  2. Importance of eyewitness evidence
  3. Medical marijuana
  4. Relations of law mental hospitals and law code
  5. Limited rights of a police officer
  6.  Bias in African American investigation
  7. Crime propaganda in relation to modern music culture
  8. American states’ legal code
  9. Causes of college violence
  10. The practice of Sniffer Dog
  11. History of criminal ethics
  12. Concept of domestic violence
  13. Preventing substance abuse
  14. Harassment in the workplace
  15. Benefits of private prisons
  16. Cultural traits relations with religious offenses
  17. Procedure in a Criminal Justice Court
  18. Preventing crime in colleges and schools
  19. Legal investigations and gender bias
  20. Civil crimes vs. war crimes

Criminal Justice Research Questions for Inspiration

  1. What responsibilities do incarcerated parents have?
  2. What are the Criminal Justice Reform changes?
  3. In what way can economic crimes be reduced?
  4. What is the process involved in juvenile detention?
  5. How is organized crime different from single cases?
  6. Are there possibilities of making gun possession safer with stricter laws?
  7. Is there a connection between law violation and citizenship or lack of it?
  8. In what ways does education or illiteracy correspond with crime level?
  9. Is there a connection between family status and law violation?
  10. What relationship does ownership of firearms have with law violations?
  11. What connection is there between mental health and law violations?
  12. Does race correspond with the type of crime: In what ways?
  13. Does neighborhood influence crime rate?
  14. Violence in the society: causes and remedial measures
  15. Does weather correspond with law violations?
  16. What do convicts have to say on convict criminology?
  17. How does life affect the actions of humans in life course criminology?
  18. How has the lack of self-control affected criminal behavior in individuals?
  19. In what ways are two theories better than one in theoretical integration?
  20. What are the trends in drug misuse?

Criminology Research Topics on Local and International Law

  1. Analysis of false confessions
  2. Remaining neutral in mental disorder cases
  3. Legislation against cyber-stalking
  4. Protection of sensitive information
  5. Laws of national security
  6. Alternate Research methods on Double Jeopardy
  7. Limitations of jailhouse informants
  8. Legislation topics of the 19th century
  9. Human rights violation in Nigeria
  10. Process involved in International Criminal Court Appeal
  11. At what point should there be International Intervention?
  12. Methods involved in Drug Trafficking Tracking
  13. International offenders
  14. Israel and Palestine Conflict: Using Child Soldiers
  15. Analysis of the International Tribunal

Criminal Justice Research Topic Ideas on Society and Justice

  1. Theory of social control
  2. Methods involved in social learning
  3. The after-prison life and rehabilitation process
  4. Feminism
  5. Aggression
  6. Music piracy legislations
  7. Plagiarism legislations
  8. Shoplifting legislations
  9. Shoplifting precautions
  10. The process involved in restorative justice
  11. Establishing a connection in child abduction cases
  12. Stress management in the justice system
  13. Recording the interrogation process
  14. Punishment vs. Rehab
  15. Power abuse in the justice system
  16. The practice of transitional justice
  17. Prison labor ethics
  18. Research on child protective services
  19. Legal flaws in parole and probation processes
  20. Identifying white-collar crime

Criminal Justice Research Topics on Crime Measurement and Types of Crime

  1. Definitions of justice comparison
  2. Analyzing cases of wrongful conviction
  3. Abuse of judicial authority
  4. The jury selection process
  5. Causes of global criminality
  6. Debate on death penalty
  7. Psychology effect of imprisonment
  8. THe difference in internet piracies
  9. Financial crimes
  10. Frauds in the health sector
  11. Recidivism
  12. Gang culture
  13. Corruption in the police force
  14. Drunk driving
  15. Media offenses

Criminal Justice Topics on Court Cases

  1. The legacy of Rodney King
  2. Analysis of the riots in Los Angeles
  3. The trial of Susan Wright
  4. The Aaron Henandez case
  5. Board vs. Brown Education
  6. Justice in the International Court
  7. The New York Times Co vs. Sullivan
  8. The Madison Case
  9. The United States v. Nixon case
  10. Rules regarding court case notations

More Ideas for Criminal Justice Research Paper

  1. Environmental Irresponsibility
  2. Ethical crimes and political criminals
  3. Honesty among lawyers
  4. Defense vs. criminal attorneys
  5. Concept of rehabilitation
  6. Influence of rehabilitation centers on crime rates
  7. The process involved in restorative justice
  8. Social and immigration offenses
  9. Uganda’s human rights violation
  10. Witness protection programs
  11. Legislation against animal cruelty
  12. Punishment methods involved in animal cruelty
  13. Analysis of unemployment in relation to the increase in crime rate
  14. Identity theft on social media
  15. Correction methods for cyber criminology
  16. Prevention strategies for drunk driving
  17. The rise in immigration crime rates
  18. Racial conflicts in educational institutions
  19. Negotiation processes and discrimination
  20. Racism in American prisons
  21. Debate on gun control
  22. The analysis of power abuse among police officers
  23. Classifying crimes according to the severity of punishment
  24. Quasi-experimental research to advance criminological theories
  25. Domestic violence against individuals with disabilities

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