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130+ History Research Paper Topics Your Teacher Will Like

Many students in high school and even college find history tough and boring, mostly because it involves a lot of reading. History doesn’t have principles, laws, or formulas that you can apply to solve different problems. You have to read and read, and read some more to comprehend the subject.

Nevertheless, boring and tough don’t rule out the importance of history. Nor does it change the fact that you need a good topic for your history research paper. In this article, you will find 100+ ideas for history research topics that will impress your teacher.

What Makes a Good History Research Topic?

Writing a good history research paper begins with finding an applicable topic – which is not as easy as it sounds. A good history research topic should reflect your intent and main idea. A good history research topic:

  • is relevant to the subject and is clearly stated;
  • avoids vague arguments and focuses on specific issues;
  • is self-explanatory but leaves readers wanting for more information;
  • includes keywords that reflect the subject matter to be researched;
  • contains a strong thesis with enough evidence online to back it up.

Choosing a Proper History Research Paper Topic

If your teacher says you should choose a topic for your history research paper, it means you have total control of how the paper will turn out. However, choosing a good topic will determine how that history research will pan out. When choosing a history research paper topic, you want to ask the following questions:

  • How do you like to write: with or without pros and cons?
  • Will your target audience find that history topic interesting?
  • Is there enough factual information for statements and citations in the history research paper?
  • Do you want to choose a discovery, or do you want to pick up from previous research?

131 History Research Paper Topics to Wow Your Teacher

If you need history research paper topic ideas that your teacher will love, check these out.

Ancient History Topics for Research Paper

  1. Power in Empires: from Assyria to Byzantium
  2. Roles played by women in Prehistoric Britain
  3. Concept of Symbolism in Ancient Egypt
  4. History of Palestine
  5. Prophets and Religions
  6. Value of water sources in Central Anatolia
  7. Analysis of near Eastern civilizations
  8. Role of NATO for World Community
  9. Negative role of Globalization
  10. Analysis of the Patriot Act
  11. Prevalence of chivalry in the middle ages
  12. How gunpowder invention changed the art of war
  13. The Crusades: cruel or right?
  14. Advancement of science in the dark ages
  15. Weapons and armor development in the middle ages
  16. Witch-hunting in ancient times
  17. Religion in everyday life in the old days
  18. Asia in the middle ages
  19. Julius Caesar’s rise and fall
  20. Dictatorship during Julius Caesar’s reign

US History Topics for Research

  1. The Homestead Act
  2. The personality of Mary Chestnut
  3. The United States’ involvement in Afghanistan
  4. Chernobyl explosion
  5. What caused the Syrian conflict
  6. The great depression
  7. The great recession
  8. Rebuilding the United States from ground zero
  9. Cultural changes in the modern US
  10. Reasons for social inequality
  11. The assassination of Abraham Lincoln
  12. Alabama claims: what lies behind them?
  13. Cause and effect of history before 1877
  14. Legacy of civil war
  15. Chancellorsville battle
  16. The United States confederate monuments
  17. Facts and controversies concerning the civil war
  18. Religion in the US in the 1800s
  19. Gun legislation in the US
  20. US stats in the 19th century

World History Topics for Research

  1. The Mexican – American war
  2. Religion and crusades in countries
  3. Weapon use in ancient civilization
  4. Causes of wars lasting thirty years
  5. Settlement of wars
  6. War crimes
  7. Medieval Europe and social relationships
  8. Aftershocks of the cold war
  9. World War II
  10. Causes of World War II
  11. How World War II was resolved
  12. Battle of the seas between Britain and Spain
  13. Trends in the European Nationalistic
  14. Innovations of the Militia between World War I and World War II
  15. Propaganda of western theories
  16. Witch hunts in the Catholic church
  17. French women civil rights in the 18th century
  18. Analysis of mid-Tudor crises
  19. Europe Literacy in the 19th century
  20. Rise of Empiricism in Europe

Ideas for American History Research Topics for Research

  1. America’s reaction to Holocaust
  2. The 14th amendment
  3. Movement of the abolitionist
  4. Black codes
  5. Angela Davis
  6. Black Lives Matter
  7. Civil rights Act 1964
  8. Speech of RFK
  9. The era of Martin Luther King
  10. Black history cultural traits and legends
  11. Independence declaration 1776
  12. Long Island Battle
  13. Benedict Arnold
  14. Analysis of the Townshend Acts
  15. The Boston tea party
  16. John Adams’s movement towards independence
  17. Slavery in the ancient US
  18. Causes of civil war
  19. Analysis of interwar period
  20. Personalities of the revolutionary war

Modern History Research Paper Topics

  1. Why there is dictatorship
  2. Causes of economic depression
  3. The cause and effect of the nuclear age
  4. Labor class and the Russian revolution
  5. History of veterans day
  6. American Imperialism: McKinley Role
  7. Impact of the Chicano movement
  8. Nagasaki and Hiroshima events
  9. Organized crime in America in the 1920s
  10. The uprising of democratic movements
  11. Industrial revolution impact on the environment
  12. The importance of the cotton gin invention for the industrial revolution
  13. Child labor in slavery
  14. Human trafficking in ancient times
  15. Slavery
  16. Working condition of factories in the industrial revolution
  17. Influence of industrial revolution on public education
  18. How agricultural sectors benefitted from the industrial revolution
  19. Analysis of the industrial revolution
  20. African – American women in literature and art

History Research Paper Topics on the French Revolution and Great Depression

  1. Louis XVI: life and death
  2. Declaration of rights of man and citizen impact
  3. The first phase of the French revolution
  4. The first phase of Le Chapelier Law
  5. The start of the French revolution
  6. The role of the three estates of the realm during the French revolution
  7. Political standing of women before the French revolution
  8. French Revolution: the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte
  9. Emanuel Joseph Sieyes Role in the French revolution
  10. Analysis of the massacre of Champs De Mars
  11. Main causes of the Great Depression
  12. Great Depression impact on international relations
  13. Franklin Roosevelt’s new deal
  14. Herbert Hoover role in the Great Depression
  15. What the Great Depression affected most
  16. Great Depression impact on the average US household
  17. Great Depression impact on minorities
  18. Great Depression impact on women
  19. Family life in the Great Depression
  20. Analyzing the Great Depression

Julius Caesar Research Topics Your Teacher Will Like

  1. Julius Caesar’s loyal soldiers
  2. The military genius of Julius Caesar
  3. Julius Caesar as a dictator
  4. Julian calendar
  5. Analyzing Julius Caesar regime
  6. The assassination of Julius Caesar
  7. Caesar and Cleopatra alliance
  8. Julius Caesar and the Roman Republic
  9. The first triumvirate
  10. Julius Caesar Memoirs: lessons learned
  11. Who assassinated Julius Caesar?

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