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99+ Great Research Paper Ideas on Social Media

Essays on social media are among the hottest categories of essays students have to write. This is for good reason, considering there is still so much about social media yet to be discovered. The good news is that information on social media is not expensive; it is readily available. Ironically, you still have to maximize social media for information on the subject.

Nevertheless, students may get confused over choosing the best research paper topic on social media. Therefore, this article serves to provide over ninety-nine research topic ideas on social media; feel free to make anyone yours.

Before You Choose a Social Media Research Topic

The first step to writing an A-grade-worthy research paper on social media is choosing a topic. However, it may be hard to choose a proper social media research topic if you don’t have the right perception about choosing a good social media topic. Find below what you can do to make choosing a research topic easy for you:

  • Start by researching general social media concepts; then try to narrow down your search;
  • Choose a topic your audience will find interesting;
  • Consider focusing on one social media site, one of particular interest, to make things easier;
  • After deciding on a particular site, ask the following questions: how is the social media site different from others? How do you feel when using this social media site? What is the site mostly used for?

Principles for Choosing an Appropriate Social Media Research Topic

When choosing a topic for your research paper on social media, let these principles guide you:

  • Don’t choose a research paper topic that will be too broad to be adequately covered;
  • Avoid choosing a social media topic that will tempt you to summarize rather than be explicit.
  • Select a social media that you are passionate about;
  • Avoid topics that have little to no information available;
  • Feel free to change to another social media topic if the one you chose isn’t working

101 Great Research Paper Ideas on Social Media for Inspiration

Here are 101 research paper topic ideas that you can use for your research now or anytime you need them.

Great Social Media Research Topics for Your Use

  1. Social media’s help in fighting negative stereotypes
  2. Freedom of speech on social media
  3. How the social media has helped solve societal problems
  4. Social media use in finding missing persons
  5. Social media: a good platform for speaking out or not
  6. Social media influence on psychological disorders
  7. Social media use of women’s images for commerce
  8. Possibilities of social media replacing real-life communication
  9. Blogging on social media: a means for self-discovery?
  10. Ways to earn on social media
  11. Using the social media for personal gains
  12. Making profits with social media ads
  13. Protecting kids from the negative influence of the social media
  14. Skills developed using social media
  15. Recognizing social media addiction

General Social Media Topics You Can Make Use of

  1. Time spent on social media
  2. Social media influence on mental health
  3. Social media adverts: maximization for profits
  4. De-sexualization of women’s bodies
  5. Cyber-bullying
  6. Cybercrimes
  7. Social media engagements: why we want them
  8. Aggression on social media
  9. Social media influence on violence
  10. Social media sites history
  11. Creating social media for kids
  12. Photoshopping on social media
  13. The future of social media
  14. Effectiveness of social media marketing
  15. Research on social media addiction of adolescents
  16. Social media influence on education
  17. Terrorists recruiting members via social media
  18. Social media and beauty standards
  19. Social media influence on mental health
  20. Depoliticization of the social media

Research Questions About Social Media Great for Research

  1. Can social media provide inspiration?
  2. What are the chances of finding future spouses on social media?
  3. Who is the most popular media influencer?
  4. Who is the most influential blogger?
  5. Should children be allowed to use social media?
  6. Social media: has it done more harm than good?
  7. How can you get more followers on Instagram?
  8. Is Twitter being used for cyber violence?
  9. Should Twitter be banned?
  10. Should sharing of certain information be banned on social media?
  11. Can social media be utilized for charity?
  12. How has social media affected families and friendships?
  13. Should there be social media regulations?
  14. Fake Identities on social media: why?
  15. What would you miss most about social media if they were no more?

More Intriguing Topics for Social Media Research Papers

  1. Social media as a new culture
  2. Social media and violence
  3. Social media for peaceful protest
  4. Instagram’s influence on girls’ self-esteem
  5. Influence of social media on our thoughts
  6. Social media celebrities: How social media enhances fame
  7. Businesses wielding the power of the social media
  8. How social media sites have become platforms for businesses
  9. Sex sales: primal instincts advertisement on the social media
  10. Clinches in the media: good or bad?

Topic Ideas for College Research Paper on Social Media

  1. Relationship between social media and ethics
  2. Social media ethics: are they non-existent?
  3. Social media and teenagers
  4. Gendering social media
  5. Social media and overloading of information
  6. Censoring the media
  7. Social media as a tool for propaganda
  8. Media and terrorism
  9. Social media relationships vs. offline relationships
  10. Is social media facilitating terrorism?
  11. Modern media diversities
  12. War correspondents on the social media
  13. Arthouse vs. mainstream
  14. Should we trust the media for the truth?
  15. Media vs. religion

Additional Research Topic Ideas on Social Media

  1. Social media’s influence on kids
  2. Accrediting journalists
  3. Social media and false information propagation
  4. Social media’s influence on COVID-19 sensitization
  5. Causes and treatment of social media addiction
  6. Maximizing one’s social network
  7. Using social media as a practical learning tool
  8. Political utilization of the social media
  9. Social media’s role in divorces
  10. Has social media broken families apart?
  11. Social media making the world a global village
  12. Technological advances in the social media
  13. Age limit for joining Facebook
  14. Facebook: does the company invade people’s privacy?

Other Social Media Research Topics You Can Choose From

  1. Crowd-sourcing people on Facebook for a common goal
  2. Facebook: the giant platform of the social media
  3. Social media’s pros and cons
  4. Digital media and the 5G network
  5. Social media interaction improvement
  6. Dangers of profile pictures
  7. Social media account hacks
  8. The social media and crime prevalence
  9. Impact of COVID-19 on the social media
  10. Social media vs. government dictatorship
  11. Social media enhancing democracy
  12. The power of the social media

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