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100 Top Political Science Research Topics

It is very easy to render a political science research paper weak, especially if too many ideas are scattered across the paper. Law students, philosophers, sociologists, and educators usually write political science research papers. They can be complex, but this doesn’t have to be your story. The solution to writing a strong, assertive research paper in political science is choosing a great research topic.

The political science research topic you choose has to meet requirements, suit your interest, and be something you can write extensively about. In this article, we will give you one hundred hot political science research topics to get you started.

Important Things to Do When Writing Your Political Science Research Paper

Below is a list of dos of political science research papers:

  • Ensure that the counterargument precedes the conclusion of your research paper;
  • Ensure that every information and fact provided in the paper is backed up by credible academic sources;
  • Take advantage of data and statistics for basing your arguments;
  • Be sure to source scholarly articles on political science and read them extensively;
  • Ensure that you not only read extensively on the research topics and related topics to write; you should have an in-depth understanding of it. This will help you communicate your points better;
  • Research projects similar to your research paper;
  • Let each statement of fact and idea occupy a paragraph.

What Should You Avoid When Writing a Political Science Research Paper?

Below are things you want to avoid when writing your research paper;

  • Avoid using a harsh tone when addressing sensitive issues and subjects;
  • Avoid portraying just one side of an issue, except you are working with personal reflection;
  • Avoid using so many quotations in your research paper; only quote when necessary;
  • Avoid inappropriate grammar such as colloquial language and slang.
  • Avoid sounding biased when talking about political parties; be sure to stay neutral.
  • Avoid excessive statistics; excessive statistics can drastically reduce readability and cloud your argument.

100 Political Science Research Topic Ideas to Get You Started

To make the research paper topic selection process easier, here are some interesting topic ideas you can look into.

Political Science Research Topics on Comparative Politics and International Relations

  1. The ideology of the Soviet Union
  2. The Apartheid phenomenon
  3. United Kingdom policies vs. United States policies
  4. Parliamentary democracy vs. presidential democracy
  5. Aggregation of Vietnam war interests
  6. Recruitment process in developing countries
  7. Anglo-Saxon traits in America
  8. Using the behavioral approach for parties comparison
  9. Hierarchy of the Chinese communist party
  10. The cultural tension between Japan and the U.S.
  11. Structure of the international monetary fund
  12. Controversies in Amnesty International
  13. Causes of global poverty
  14. Power battles in the Arctic Circle
  15. Ethical guidelines for NGOs
  16. Market distribution of GM foods
  17. Analyzing human rights in Uganda
  18. Analysis of global security networks
  19. Causes and effect of the Syrian conflict
  20. Japan’s non-state actors

Philosophy and Public Administration: Political Topics to Write About

  1. Risks in the Neopatrimonialism society
  2. Causes of the American revolution
  3. Viewing Existentialism through the lens of western constitutional laws
  4. Karl Schmidt theses and German philosophy
  5. Civil republicanism vs. liberalism
  6. Methods involved in post-socialist transition
  7. Justification of liberal democracy
  8. Mutual tolerance approach: a modern political virtue?
  9. Ethics of election
  10. Traditions of the Republicans in education
  11. Coordination of governmental efforts
  12. The United States’ private-sector innovations
  13. Compromises in environmental management
  14. Methods of community development
  15. The constitutional vision of John Rohr
  16. Analysis of the federal emergency management
  17. Ethical guidelines governing non-profit organizations
  18. How strategic planning helps fiscal management; the advantage of strategic planning in fiscal management
  19. Careers in transportation security administration
  20. Optimal advantages and benefits to public safety

Public Law and Other Political Science Research Paper Examples

  1. Analysis of the Judicial review argumentation
  2. Human rights Act 1998
  3. Judicial interpretation of public safety statuses
  4. The European legal history
  5. Popular legislators in the European legal history
  6. Common morality in lieu of criminal law
  7. National security complaints relations with civil liberties
  8. Analysis of psychology of gender bias in custody battles
  9. Inequality in post-conflict justice
  10. Is there commercial exploitation of privacy law?
  11. Investigating the differences between political and armed conflicts
  12. Implementation of urgent changes in the legislation process
  13. Criminal pardoning: is this acceptable?
  14. Ethics of prosecuting top-tier officials
  15. Methods involved eliminating corruption
  16. Global interdependence of modern political leaders
  17. Social movements in post-war time
  18. Comparing American and European federal crimes
  19. Tracing federalism in Unitary governance model
  20. Religion: should the subject be approached as social power?

Political Theorists and Political Conflicts Research Paper Topics

  1. The disciplinary power of Foucault
  2. Sovereignty: Jean Bodin’s point of view
  3. Challenges in the liberty and justice system
  4. Governance: Aristotle’s Philosophy on the subject
  5. Analysis of the Republic by Plato
  6. John Austin’s Theory
  7. Reviewing of Frederic Bastiat’s thesis
  8. Key figures of Anarchism history
  9. Vladimir Lenin’s philosophy on the communist approach
  10. Investigating the classic theories of Edmund Burke
  11. Civil war: causes and peculiarities
  12. Investigating the relations between social networks and protest movements
  13. Repression of the Syrian government
  14. Analysis of the Afghanistan conflict
  15. Political powers at play in the division of Ukraine
  16. Crisis of Mexico and its immigrants
  17. Methods of conflict resolution according to Yemen
  18. Iraq war: the legacy of war crimes
  19. Causes of rebellion in the Central African Republic
  20. Political agenda of Reagan

Political Science Research Questions on Conflict Resolution

  1. What is the art legacy of post-war country conflicts?
  2. How is conflict resolved among African-American prisoners?
  3. What are the constituents of the foreign policy of the United States?
  4. How is the Arctica power distributed?
  5. What caused the conflict over Iran oil?
  6. What are the causative factors of leadership conflicts regarding post-9/11 security?
  7. What methods are involved in Afghanistan collaboration?
  8. Are there compromises between right-wing and left-wing parties?
  9. News coverage in the media: is there a bias?
  10. How have the personal ambitions of political leaders affected developing countries?

Political Research Topics on Mediation and Negotiation

  1. Processes involved in war-time negotiations
  2. Legal disputes of transnational corporations
  3. An analysis of the agenda of any type of election
  4. Social movements and volunteering
  5. The preparation process of mediation hearing
  6. Media policies and civil law court: reviewing differences and relationships
  7. Analysis of case studies regarding mediation agreement
  8. Modern whistleblowers in the American constituency
  9. Negotiations for the release of hostages in foreign countries
  10. Reviewing the methods involved in alternative dispute resolution

You can pick one political research paper example from this list and make something out of it to impress your professor and earn an A.

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