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133 Biology Research Topics for Students

Biology is a fascinating subject, one of the most fascinating to research. Biology has hundreds of research topics that you will find interesting as a student. The subject covers many aspects, including cell biology, genetics, reproduction, and dozens more.

However, the broadness of Biology has a downside, especially when it comes to choosing a research topic. Ultimately, the biology topic you choose to research should depend on certain factors that this article will reveal. We will also give you several ideas for Biology research paper topics.

Expert Tips for Deciding on the Right Biology Research Topic

Below are expert tips to guide you in deciding the best aspect of Biology to research on.

  • Choose an aspect of Biology that interests you; if there’s more than one, choose any one;
  • Peruse published, current biology research journals and papers; you will find tons on the internet. Researching scholarly articles on biology will intimate you with recent trends that you can focus on;
  • Brainstorm on the aspect of biology you settled on, choose an ideal topic related to it, and focus on the topic;
  • Before you settle for that biology research topic, you want to check and be sure there is sufficient information on it;
  • Write out the keywords; they take you directly to published scholarly articles on the subject matter.

Aspects in Biology that Biologists Might Research

There are dozens of biology aspects that experts research, too many to list. Biology topics encompass a lot of things, including humans like us. Nevertheless, some of those interesting aspects Biologists might research on include:

  • human biology
  • plant biology
  • molecular biology
  • environmental biology
  • microbiology

133 Distinction-Worthy Biology Research Paper Topics for You

If you are facing difficulty finding topic ideas for your biology research paper, here are some suggestions you can freely use. The biology research paper topics are grouped according to the different aspects of biology.

Fascinating Biological Topics on the Immune System for Research

  1. How the human immune system works
  2. Factors that strengthen the immune system
  3. Causes of weakening of the immune system
  4. HIV/AIDS epidemic
  5. Preventing hives’ spread
  6. Effects of auto-immune diseases on the immune system
  7. Living with HIV/AIDS
  8. Genetic factors affecting the immune system
  9. Immune disorders’ effect on the body
  10. Causes of immune disorders
  11. Allergies: a sign of immune disorder?
  12. Stress and the immune system
  13. Analysis of the effect of vaccination on the immune system

Cell Biology Research Paper Topics for Students

  1. Animal cell structure
  2. Analyzing the statement: mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell
  3. Types and functions of cells in the body
  4. How red blood cells transport oxygen
  5. How white blood cells fight disease
  6. Functions of red and white blood cells in the body
  7. Differences between the plant cell and the animal cell
  8. Unicellular organisms
  9. Multicellular organisms
  10. Differences between the workings of unicellular and multicellular organisms
  11. How does cell division take place?
  12. Can we kill cancer cells: how?
  13. Definitions and potentials of stem cells

Biology Research Paper Topics on DNA and RNA

  1. DNA structure
  2. Comparing the structure of DNA and RNA
  3. mRNA relationship with DNA
  4. Do single-celled organisms possess DNA?
  5. Analyzing the concept: viruses have DNA
  6. Using computers to analyze the human DNA structure
  7. Writing a computer program into DNA
  8. Radiation effect on DNA
  9. Modification of DNA for treatment of AIDS
  10. Modification of DNA for curing cancer

Research Paper Topic Ideas on Molecular Biology

  1. Gene structure and components
  2. Artificial hormone development from animals
  3. Basic building blocks of life
  4. Analyzing how molecules move in and out of a cell
  5. Drug formation for humans: how is it done?
  6. Dangers of prion disease
  7. Analyzing the differences and similarities between dominant and recessive genes
  8. PCR analysis of the human DNA
  9. Prion structure and components
  10. DNA transcription: what is it, and how can one use it?
  11. The central dogma of molecular biology
  12. Methods of carrying out western blot
  13. Hormone functions in the body

Good Neurobiology Research Paper Topics

  1. The central nervous system
  2. The peripheral nervous system
  3. Comparing and contrasting the central and peripheral nervous systems
  4. Possibilities of improving reaction speed
  5. Maximum reaction speed in humans
  6. Reasons for the emotions we feel
  7. Analysis of Alzheimer’s disease
  8. How a neuron is different from other cells
  9. Explaining how headaches happen
  10. Fixing spinal cord injuries: what therapies to use and how to use them
  11. Insomnia: causes and treatment
  12. Formation of emotions in the brain
  13. Narcolepsy: causes and treatment

Great Biological Topics on Genetics and Abortion for Research

  1. Legality and ethicality of abortion
  2. Aims of cloning humans
  3. Human cloning: is it real?
  4. Ethicality of human cloning
  5. Transplantation
  6. Can undesirable traits be removed from a fetus using gene therapy?
  7. The concept of gene therapy
  8. Gene editing
  9. Ways gene therapy can help beat cancer
  10. Merits and demerits of gene therapy
  11. Cloning: advantages and disadvantages
  12. Explaining the concept of human cloning
  13. Gene therapy elimination of diabetes

Interesting Biological Articles Topics on Ecology

  1. Evolution theory
  2. The natural selection process
  3. Adaptation
  4. Differences between divergent and convergent evolution
  5. Population
  6. How to control population growth
  7. Effects of deforestation
  8. Importance of biodiversity
  9. The environment vs. plastic
  10. Consequences of losing biodiversity
  11. Can ecological damage be reversed?
  12. Climate change disrupting ecologies: how?
  13. Ecological consequences of cloning endangered species

Interesting Biology Topics on Plant Pathology

  1. Analyzing corn blight
  2. The spread of plant diseases: how does it happen?
  3. Disease resistance in plants
  4. Banana epidemic
  5. How can plant diseases affect man?
  6. Plant cell anomalies
  7. Plant diseases
  8. How plant diseases affect food production
  9. Do fertilizers cause plant diseases?
  10. Impact of ecological changes on plant diseases
  11. Viral diseases vs. fungal diseases
  12. The sweet potato virus
  13. Stem rust effect on wheat

Biology Research Topics on Animals

  1. The animal kingdom
  2. Animal classifications
  3. Land-based life evolution
  4. Ethicality of drug testing on animals
  5. Zoos vs. nature reserves
  6. Social behavior in animals
  7. The intelligence of other primates
  8. Domestication of animals
  9. Taming in wild animals
  10. Hibernation concept in animals
  11. Why do animals migrate?
  12. Causes of species extinction
  13. Primate behavior
  14. Can wolves and dogs be intelligent?
  15. Species vs. subspecies in animals

Science Research Topics on Marine Biology

  1. Marine species
  2. Deep-sea evolution
  3. Effect of acidification on aquatic environments
  4. Survival instincts of aquatic organisms
  5. Oil spills consequences on marine life
  6. The blind fish navigation process
  7. Plankton ecology
  8. Aquatic unicellular organisms
  9. Immortality of jellyfish
  10. Freshwater vs. saltwater
  11. Life in the deep sea
  12. Saving coral reefs
  13. How whales communicate
  14. Shark categories
  15. Ocean trenches analysis
  16. Importance of coral reefs
  17. How coral reefs are formed

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