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110 Sociology Research Topics You Can Use Right Now

Difficulty in choosing research topics in subject areas such as sociology is becoming more severe. Students don’t intentionally write or submit poorly-researched or written papers. This difficulty sometimes causes a student to procrastinate carrying out their sociology project given by their professor.

Nevertheless, choosing the right sociology research topic is important; it is a crucial step to writing an irresistible sociology research paper.

Sociology Research Methods for Your Consideration

However you choose your research methodology, you are still recommended to follow one of seven sociology research methods. Sociology research methods include purpose statement, structure, and composition. The seven sociology research methods that you should consider include:

  1. Social surveys implementation – adding data you get from large social groups.
  2. Identifying the connections – studying the causes and effects of a specific problem.
  3. Interviews – you collect information from people or specialists who have real experience with the issue.
  4. Observation and participation – getting statistics from the group under study.
  5. Longitudinal study – using prolonged studies to decide the scope of a problem.
  6. Ethnography – a qualitative sociology research methodology that focuses on social beliefs, interactions, vision, behavioral patterns and perceptions.
  7. Secondary data sources – using information from fellow researchers.

Tips for Choosing Good Sociology Research Topics

Here are some tips to promote rewarding sociology research topic selection process:

  • Choose a sociology research topic that you are interested in, that inspires you.
  • Let your research paper topic address relevant and realistic social issues.
  • Start with keywords related to your sociology research topic idea.
  • Narrow your research topic down to reflect the specific problem.
  • Let your sociology research topic relate to your thesis statement.

111 Sociology Topics You Can Use for Research Right Now

Here are 111 sociology research topics you can use right now. Please, note that some of them contain sociology questions that can also be great bases for sociology research.

Sociology Topics to Research Regarding College and Family

  1. Identifying and exploring the causes of anxiety in first-year college students
  2. Leadership and responsibility: discussing the modern role
  3. Conflict resolution methods used on campuses
  4. Bias of college internship choices
  5. Ethical limitations of parties in colleges
  6. Unrestricted access to on-campus medical services should be given to all students
  7. Dependability and friendship among college students
  8. Roles played by social movements to create awareness of bullying
  9. How changes in education fields affect new students
  10. Modern role models vs. historical role models
  11. How divorce of parents affect children
  12. Cross-racial adoption effect on children and society
  13. How much is too much of parents’ influence on a child’s behavior?
  14. Ways single parenthood affects children
  15. Possibilities of raising a healthy child in an unsettled family setting
  16. Achievements of social success by middle-class children.
  17. Nannies and employers: work vs. expectations
  18. Giving up helicopter parenting
  19. Should children learn gender studies or is it too much?
  20. Organizing social programs for children with difficulty in communicating with parents

Great Sociological Research Questions Concerning Race, Nationality, and Human Rights

  1. Has international marriage changed: how?
  2. In what ways have international marriages influenced the national consciousness of children in such marriages?
  3. Are there correlations between an individual’s educational level and their race?
  4. How true is the phenomenon of racial stereotypes?
  5. What are the patriotic sentiments that exist in different countries of the world?
  6. What is the correlation between patriotism and social status?
  7. In what ways does an individual’s nationality affect their career in a governmental organization?
  8. In what ways does foreign education influence further professional studies and success?
  9. Are self-esteem and self-consciousness affected by racial stereotypes: How?
  10. What are the different ways patriotism studies are adopted by educational establishments?
  11. What is the role of social sanctions in modern society?
  12. What are the possibilities of re-socializing individual personalities?
  13. What role do social norms play in the educational sector?
  14. In what ways can human rights conflicts be solved using mediation?
  15. Is it normal for female workers to have equal workplace rights with male workers?
  16. Can the ban on religious or spiritual practices be considered a violation of human rights?
  17. What is the correlation between religious cults and human rights legislation?
  18. What relationship is there between gender stereotypes and shifts of human rights?
  19. Is social status a violation of human rights?
  20. How does aesthetics correlate with formation of basic human rights?

Interesting Sociology Research Paper Topics Regarding Social Media

  1. Investigating the popularity of social networks among various social groups
  2. Social network influence on educational processes
  3. Social media addictions
  4. Social network addictions: are young people the only victims?
  5. Social groups and genre
  6. Security of social networks
  7. Social media influence on familiar relationships
  8. Social media’s effects on people
  9. Social media and depression
  10. Romantic comedy influence on women
  11. Safety of sharing personal data on social media
  12. Nationality and social media type
  13. Social media restrictions in certain countries
  14. Social media marketing and anorexia
  15. Social media and anxiety
  16. Blogging as a profession
  17. Workplace ethics vs. online ethics
  18. Photography culture on social media
  19. Allowing children on Instagram
  20. Mass following and influencers’ culture

More Sociology Topics for Research on Interpersonal Communication

  1. Using verbal codes and language in interpersonal communication
  2. Data perception
  3. Conflict resolution success in interpersonal conflicts
  4. Preschool children’s social cognition
  5. Written communication vs. verbal communication
  6. Preference of written communication in introverts
  7. Teamwork’s influence on interpersonal skills
  8. Effect of reading on verbal communication
  9. Behavioral patterns online
  10. Stereotypical thinking origins

Good Sociology Paper Research Topics on Gender and Youth Culture

  1. Gender inequality in professions
  2. Solving problem of gender inequality in the workplace
  3. Gender roles in family settings
  4. Gender stereotypes characteristics in media
  5. Gender studies as study program in school
  6. Women’s rights history in countries
  7. Legalization of LGBT
  8. Gender studies and self-esteem
  9. Gender identification pros and cons
  10. Sex among people under 18
  11. Sex education
  12. Bullying: causes and effects
  13. College marriage proposals
  14. Subcultures
  15. Sports culture among the youth
  16. Music influence on teens
  17. Nationalism among youth
  18. Modern pop culture influence on body image
  19. Young influencers’ role on social media

Research Paper Topics on Cultural Biases and Social Issues

  1. Perception of low-income families
  2. Childlessness
  3. Religious education in modern society
  4. Formation of social norms
  5. Culture of Native Americans
  6. Slavic background perception of labor
  7. Who makes better parents in single parenting: mother or father?
  8. Children participation in voting
  9. Black Lives Matter social movements
  10. Children Participation in social movements

Other Sociological paper Topics Ideas

  1. Bioregionalism challenges
  2. Social ecology education in middle school
  3. Consumerism culture and nature
  4. India’s balance and harmony
  5. Food education
  6. Food traditions effect on national identity
  7. Vegan cultures
  8. Meat consumption and the environment
  9. Health care access globalization
  10. Living with chronic diseases
  11. Inequality in rural areas of the US

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