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Psychology Research Paper Topics: 100+ Great Ideas

Choosing psychology research paper topics can be an uphill task for students. Meanwhile, choosing a good psychology research paper topic is essential for writing a great paper. For example, if you choose broad topics in psychology, you will do lots of research and background topics.

Understanding Psychology

Psychology, as a subject, is vast; it talks about the different multidisciplinary issues. It is an academic discipline that focuses on man – our thoughts, minds, and behaviors. It is a science that studies the “why” to human actions and reasoning and cuts across social and natural sciences. More so, this complex subject encompasses a wide range of topics for research.

How to Choose Psychology Research Topics

First, you will want to conduct an analysis and research on the topics before you decide on one. Then, you can start by selecting a topic related to a mental disorder or illness. Psychology topics to research tend to be complex and demand thorough analytical study. Nevertheless, you can cover all aspects of the specific psychology topic you decide on. Before choosing a psychology research topic:

  • Determine a keyword for your psychology research topic;
  • Add more words to the keyword; make it captivating;
  • Keep the psychology research topic short and self-explanatory but interest-piquing.

100+ Ideas for Research Topics in Psychology

You can now choose a psychology research topic with those tips in mind. Below are some ideas for psychology research topics to start with:

Some Psychology Research topics

  1. Strong self-perception: The Significance
  2. Continuous sleep disruption
  3. Examining and exploring the social identity theory of Turner and Tajfel
  4. Brain functioning in man and woman: Differences
  5. Different forms of amnesia damage to brain activity
  6. Is PTSD a prelude to Alzheimer’s?
  7. Yoga and human psychology: Impacts
  8. Autistic brain under MRI
  9. ADHD symptoms and treatment
  10. Panic attack: social triggers
  11. Dementia: symptoms, causes, and treatment
  12. Midlife crises in men and women: similarities and differences

Cognitive Psychology Topics for Research

  1. Discussing the effects of autism
  2. Attention span and how to measure it
  3. Effects of attention-deficit on child development
  4. Hyperactivity causes in children
  5. Color psychology effect on cognitive development
  6. Memory loss and how to recover it
  7. Effect of memories on individual’s behavior
  8. Critical thinking and how to measure it
  9. The ability of critical thinking in cognitive psychology
  10. Factors that improve problem-solving skills in children
  11. Contributing factors to delay in a child’s mental development
  12. Effect of single parenting on children’s mental development
  13. Does single parenting help children?
  14. Divorce and children’s mental intelligence
  15. Effect of romance movies on children
  16. Does the subconscious affect decision making?
  17. How does the subconscious influence decision-making skills?
  18. Speech disorder effect on children’s mental development
  19. Effect of speech disorder on cognitive development
  20. Violence among children and teenagers

Questions about Psychology Great for Research

  1. Are there future trends in sports: what are they?
  2. What recent changes occurred in sports regarding team and locker room dynamics?
  3. What are the roles played by psychological tests in deciding an athlete’s tendency to violence and steroids?
  4. What problems do young and new coaches face in sports?
  5. Does color enhance an individual’s mood?
  6. How does breakfast impact an individual’s overall day-to-day activities?
  7. Is there a relationship between social media use and increasing violence in adolescents?
  8. How true is the assertion: geniuses are made and not born?
  9. What is mood freezing?
  10. What are the implications of mood freezing?
  11. Can aggression be controlled: how?
  12. Are obedience and compliance a function of social status?
  13. Can an individual’s behavior be influenced by group belonging?
  14. How true is the statement: human cloning can solve the childlessness problem for couples?
  15. What is hindsight bias?
  16. Can hindsight bias be prevented: how?
  17. What are the ethical shortcomings of human experiments in history?
  18. In what ways does a sleeping disorder influence a sportsman’s stamina?

Mental Health Research Topics Ideas Psychology

  1. Child abuse
  2. Bullying
  3. Learning disabilities
  4. Media violence impact on children’s mental health
  5. Prenatal development concept
  6. Parenting styles and how they affect children
  7. Various aspects of aging
  8. Perception
  9. Problem-solving skills in teenagers
  10. False memories in amnesia patients
  11. Dreams and how their interpretation affects thinking
  12. Phobias
  13. Schizophrenia
  14. Sociopathy
  15. Profiling psychoanalytic therapy
  16. Profiling group therapy
  17. Profiling cognitive behavioral therapy
  18. Depression
  19. Anorexia
  20. Discrimination and prejudice

Psychology Paper Research Topics Regarding Abnormalities

  1. Anxiety disorder: causes, symptoms, and treatment
  2. Anorexia in adults: causes and treatment
  3. How to overcome anxiety disorder
  4. Reasons for the increasing rate of anorexia in children
  5. Factors contributing to eating disorder
  6. Causes of the increase in teenage suicides
  7. Asexuality relations to individual psychology
  8. Factors that cause multiple personality disorder
  9. Lying: does it relate to an individual’s psychology?
  10. Influence of violent video games on children’s moods
  11. Root causes of phobias
  12. Dealing with the root causes of phobias
  13. PTSD in the workplace: causes, symptoms, and treatment
  14. Suicidal thoughts and psychology
  15. Why many celebrities commit suicide
  16. Increasing eating disorders among the youth: what are the causes?
  17. Can stalking be considered a psychological disorder?

More Psychology Research Topics related to Children

  1. A comprehensive essay on the ethical, legal, and psychological aspects of adoption
  2. Is parental negligence the main cause of obesity in children?
  3. Are there consequences of the self-centeredness of a mother on a child’s mental health?
  4. What is an introverted personality, and what are the consequences in children?
  5. Describing the effects of child abuse on a child’s mental wellbeing
  6. Preventive and corrective measures of childhood abuse
  7. Are there effects of birth order on a child’s personality and accomplishments: how and why?
  8. In what ways do violent video games and music affect children’s minds and behavior?
  9. Why is depression on the rise among young adults: what preventive and remedial measures can be taken?
  10. Hyperactivity disorder and attention deficit in children: causes, symptoms, effects, and treatment
  11. In what ways does spanking have negative or positive effects on a child’s psychology?

Other Psychology Paper Topics Great for Research

  1. Explain with examples the influencers of the heuristic
  2. Dehumanization in prison: what are the causes and effects?
  3. Effectiveness of the criminal justice system and prison rehabilitation
  4. Factors influencing areas with higher records of juvenile murders
  5. Law enforcement impact on an individual’s private life
  6. Causes of mass killings in the United States
  7. Verbal Interaction with Criminals in Court: Principles Psychologists should follow

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